helloo and welcome to my room on the internet

about me

my name is laisve (she/her), im a 20 years old college student from argentina. i like pretty things, the arts and crafts, learning new things


some facts about me:
i can speak spanish (native), english and french fluently
im currently (slowly) learning japanese and korean
im majoring in language and literature
i love sudokus and number-based games

my favorites:
color: purple
fruit: grapes
season: spring
barbie movie: 12 dancing princesses
pokemon: piplup
sanrio characters: kuromi & my melody

about the site

because i was born in 2003, plus the fact that i didnt have early unsupervised access to the internet until i was like 13, i missed most of the "old web" as they call it. still, i cant help but feel a sense of (misplaced?) nostalgia when people talk about it. i guess its bc i tie that experience with my own early memories of the internet (things like spending hours on the barbie and monster high websites, or girlsgogames.com). i look at those memories very fondly, and i dont think what i felt at that moment is a thing that has to stay in the past, so thats a reason im making this site (if that makes sense lol)
also feel free to take a peek at my code! i say this but i wouldnt recommend it, as im by no means an expert and my code is probably all over the place lol; in any case, feel free to reach out with any questions ^^

site map






β€’ [new] added new links in resources

β€’ [new] new entry in thrifting log!

β€’ [new] added pins tab in gallery

β€’ [new] extended the about me
and added a site map!

β€’ added graphics to the gallery yayy

β€’ general cleaning up

β€’ added some buttons

β€’ joined my first webring;;

β€’ re-arranged the interests page (again)

β€’ created the vocaloid shrine


β€’ started the thrifting log!!

β€’ now theres a traditional art
section in the gallery

β€’ added new buttons yayy

β€’ i started the blog (!!)

β€’ i have a guestbook now

β€’ games tab in links

β€’ made a tab system for links

β€’ crochet tab in gallery!

β€’ danganronpa page!

β€’ updated interests page

β€’ made a gallery!

β€’ made a button (omg)


β€’ remade the homepage

β€’ made pop up windows!

β€’ added interests page!

β€’ cool stuff page

β€’ arranged a color palette

β€’ made everything cleaner!


to do list:

β€’ nijien dedicated page

β€’ about me page

β€’ an OC wiki (big project)

β€’ join more webrings and fanlistings

β€’ blog posts about my collections

β€’ add my graphics to the gallery

β€’ a blog maybe aha

β€’ more blinkies for the sidebar.
stamps too!

β€’ make a gallery

β€’ make a button

β€’ make a guestbook

β€’ background

β€’ make the font work

β€’ make a header

β€’ blinkies !!!