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The Master and Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov

my first impression as i started reading was that it has a very particular humor. tbh reading about woland's group terrorizing everyone at moscow was funny and entertaining to read. i like the way there are a lot of characters, even if at some point i was really losing track of who was who. i think the characters from woland's group are charming in a silly way; they kinda feel like someone's OCs.

i like the lighthearted and satyrical tone of the book, but i also appreciate the more paused moments close to the end of the book. there are still silly things happening, but in some moments i felt like thinking about everything that happenend in the story and thinking "ah the end is near", it was kinda bittersweet because i wanted to keep reading but also thought that the characters deserved to rest finally.

about the plot of yershalaim.. pilates' character is so interesting i think. the way he is plagued by the regret of making the wrong choice.. i like reading internal conflits so i enjoyed that. however, this plot really has a lot of biblical references; i feel like i missed a lot as i was reading because im really not knowledgeable about it (of course thats on me and not the author; i should revisit this book once i learn more)

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